Traveller Security

Traveller safety and security is one of the most important aspects of business travel. The security of your people is everything and at UNIGLOBE AUTO INFRASTRUCTURE your people are our priority. Our objective is to help you ensure your people are as safe and secure as possible, every time they travel.

UNIGLOBE AUTO INFRASTRUCTURE Secure is our comprehensive suite of services designed to build your awareness of existing and potential incidents around the world. These services can help minimise the travel-associated risks to your people.

UNIGLOBE AUTO INFRASTRUCTURE Secure is built on our 'MATT Logistics' :

  • M - a global monitoring hub that scans global news and intelligence from the world's leading sources, receiving real-time news as it breaks in every region.
  • A - immediately alerting you, where appropriate, of any significant or escalating events that might seriously inconvenience or endanger your travelling employees.
  • T - providing immediate traveller tracking and confirming the current whereabouts of your people, by accessing your company's travel bookings.
  • T - assisting with any necessary rescheduling of flights and hotel bookings etc, and advising on traveller rescue and recovery services as required.

  • Through UNIGLOBE AUTO INFRASTRUCTURE Secure, you and your people have critical support when you need it. You also have the extensive reach of our global business and industry alliances.

    For further details on our UNIGLOBE AUTO INFRASTRUCTURE Secure services view UNIGLOBE AUTO INFRASTRUCTURE e-brochure.

    Your guide to risk management planning
    Risk management planning is a vital part of protecting your business travellers. UNIGLOBE AUTO INFRASTRUCTURE can assist you in developing a thorough plan that ensures you are taking the appropriate steps to safeguard your people from travel-related risks.

    Ask yourself the following questions :

  • Do you have a central travel policy that you have supplied to UNIGLOBE AUTO INFRASTRUCTURE with the profiles for every employee?
  • Do you conduct all bookings through UNIGLOBE AUTO INFRASTRUCTURE and ensure company-wide compliance with your policy? In the event of an incident or emergency, we need to readily locate your traveler/s.
  • Have you organized comprehensive travel insurance for your travelers?
  • Do you advise your travelers on all health-related requirements (eg. vaccinations and precautionary medication) before they depart?
  • Can you identify any potential safety hazards prior to every business trip?
  • Do you ensure all visa, passport and foreign currency exchange matters have been organized prior to departure?

  • For assistance with risk management planning contact UNIGLOBE AUTO INFRASTRUCTURE now.