Global Hotel Program

UNIGLOBE AUTO INFRASTRUCTURE gives you access to a world of corporate hotels and apartments at leading rates. Our UNIGLOBE AUTO INFRASTRUCTURE Procure service draws on our strong local and international contacts with industry suppliers, and rewards you with choice, quality and cost savings in accommodation.

It Includes :

  • UNIGLOBE AUTO INFRASTRUCTURE Global Hotel Program and Directory - which put you in touch with our extensive worldwide inventory of selected hotel partners at competitive rates.
  • UNIGLOBE AUTO INFRASTRUCTURE Client Hotel Program - a more specialised consultative service for your business, should you require large volumes of accommodation..
  • In both programs, we use sophisticated reporting tools and proactively benchmark our rates against the 'going' corporate rates to give you :.
  • Value-added inclusions (eg. breakfasts, dry cleaning, Wif-Fi etc) where possible.
  • Contractually standardized rates and availability options.
  • Rate compliance with your own procurement policy.
  • For further details about UNIGLOBE AUTO INFRASTRUCTURE procurement services, contact your travel manager.

    Hotel management checklist :
    The following checklist will give your business an insight into whether your existing hotel program can be improved or leveraged to deliver further cost savings.

    Does your existing hotel program or travel manager :

  • Assess your room night volumes to leverage your rate negotiations?
  • Look at the trends in where your people stay to determine whether there are more cost effective alternatives that are just as convenient?
  • Negotiate on the total cost of your accommodation by including value-added services specific to your company's requirements (eg. telecommunications, food and beverage, laundry etc), and delivering savings on incremental travel costs?
  • Monitor your organisation's compliance to the hotel program by identifying leakage and lost opportunities for savings?
  • Produce year-on-year rate comparisons, including city average reports?
  • Proactively benchmark your hotel rates against similar sized clients in the market to ensure your rates are competitive relative to current market conditions?
  • Instigate re-negotiations when your company's specific hotel rates are found to be uncompetitive?
  • Provide professional recommendations based on extensive hotel knowledge and industry experience?
  • Create easy-to-use hotel directories featuring your company's hotel program?
  • Ensure your company's agreed rates are loaded into a consultant reservation system and online booking tool so they are accurate and accessible?

  • If you answer 'no' to any of these questions, contact UNIGLOBE AUTO INFRASTRUCTURE for advice on how to improve the overall effectiveness and value of your hotel program.