Expense Management


With travel and entertainment being the second largest expense for many companies, policy compliance and business travel cost control are major priorities.

Using our UNIGLOBE AUTO INFRASTRUCTURE Commerce products, your company can achieve measurable travel savings. These products can help your business reduce its travel-related operational costs, improve compliance with your travel policy, and boost the overall efficiency of your travel for the long term.

While each UNIGLOBE AUTO INFRASTRUCTURE country offers its own best practice standards in expense management, our core travel accounting products and tools include:

  • Consolidated billing, data management/enhancements and bill-back and rebate facilities.
  • Management of the inherent cost of airfares and accommodation.
  • Potential online strategies and generic process improvements and efficiencies. UNIGLOBE AUTO INFRASTRUCTURE Commerce helps you take better control of how your people travel and how to create corporate travel savings.
  • Expense management checklist :

    Is your travel cost management as effective as it could be? Take our expense test to pinpoint any weaknesses.

  • Does your business have travel objectives and measurable cost targets?
  • Are you achieving your cost saving targets?
  • Do you have a company-wide travel policy in place?
  • Do you have a high level of policy compliance?
  • Are there non-compliance measures such as exception reporting?
  • Do you have visibility into travel expenditure throughout your company?
  • Do you use reporting tools to track and control your expenditure?
  • Does your TMC provide you with advanced data management?
  • Does your TMC give you access to best fares of the day?
  • Does your TMC offer you consolidated billing?
  • If you answered 'no' to five or more of these questions, your expense management needs sharpening to further reduce your costs.

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